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  Mission Statement  



The mission of New Brockton High School is to promote an academically rich educational program in a safe environment, which facilities high expectations, positive self-esteem, and mutal respect to enable students to become confident, self-directed, technologically sufficient lifelong learners.


In order to achieve our mission at New Brockton High School, our philosophy is to promote:

Success for All Students
Positive Reinforcement
Frequent Communications
Parental Involvement
School Wide Discipline
Challenging Curriculum

We strive to ensure all students are successful in all phases of their lives.  Any student struggling in any area may be referred to the Building Based Student Support Team (BBSST) for individualized help.  Please call 334-894-2350 to refer your child to the guidance counselor.

  About The School  

New Brockton High School

Image for New Brockton High School

New Brockton High School is one of four schools that is a part of the Coffee County School System.  NBHS is located in New Brockton, Alabama.  The city of New Brockton has a current population of approximately 1,184.  There are about 2,487 households in the school district with approximately 315 of those having children attending New Brockton schools.  NBHS is a 2A school with approximately 450 students grades 7-12.


Alma Mater

Hail New Brockton, Alma Mater
Here we pledge our love
To Thy Self, and to each other
Faithful friends we'll prove
Faithful, loyal, firm, and true
Heart bound to heart will beat
Year by year, the ages through;
Until in heav'n we meet.
High School days are swiftly fleeting
Soon we'll leave thy halls
Ne'er to join another meeting
Neath thy hallowed walls.
So farewell, dear Alma Mater
May thy name we pray
Be reverenced pure and stainless
As it is today.
Fight Song
Are you a Gamecock?
Yes, I'm a Gamecock.
I'm a Gamecock and I'm looking to fight
Are you a Gamecock?
Yes, I'm a Gamecock
And I fight with all my might
Oh, you can look from north to south
And look from east to west
Anywhere you go you'll find that
We're the Best!!!
Are you a Gamecock?
Yes, I'm a Gamecock
And I'm filled with Gamecock
Mighty, Mighty Gamecock
Filled with Gamecock Pride!!!