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Google Classroom and Remind101 Codes for 2020-2021
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Monday, August 17, 2020
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Class codes for 2020-2021



Teacher’s name


Google Classroom Code

Remind Code

K. Ragsdale

11th & 12th ELA

1st Period: 26rn7ub

2nd Period: jkgcgjp

3rd Period: ilnouko

4th Period: g62zrki

5th Period: cqgodvn

7th Period: iff7wgk

11th Grade: Text @ekg6ak to 81010

12th Grade: Text @33k6hf to 81010

R Gresko



H.S. Band, 8th Grade Band, 7th Grade Band, 6th Grade Band, Music Production, Percussion Class.

H.S. Band: ax6byax

8th Grade Band: oyetprx

7th Grade Band: nt27oik

6th Grade Band: 5w3o7ut

Percussion: 7mb7zph

Music Production 1: v4a5boq

Music Production 2: xkugsp4

Marching Band 7th - 12th: @nbgcband




E. Lord

8th Grade Math

1st Block: lqxnsml

2nd Block: jhnpe5i

3rd Block: vfl5twe

4th Block: nudcpnz

5th Block: no4ayko

(Wasn't sure which block I would have planning, so I guess I will delete that one once we get schedules!

All 8th Grade math will be in one Remind this year.


Enter the number 81010 and text this message: @hdbe87


Follow the link below:

B. Clay

9th Grade English

10th Grade English

1st: dm7phoa

2nd: uiw2beo

3rd: ojwloug

4th: 4vttcwe

5th: pvvd4s6

6th: 52tzc7o

7th: nv6ilqb


K. Ozier

7th Grade Math

Algebra 1


1st Block (7th Grade): 5hls7de

3rd Period: bmx3oe3

5th Period: xx3dk77

6th Period: my7ajjx

7th Period: dnhswlp

1st Block: Text @math70z to 81010

OR online at

L. Ward

Career Prep A, Senior Survival, Web Design

1st Block: xr7l2pe

2nd block: dbj3idf

5th period: tcst3yn

6th period: ebt6veh

7th period: mxt4wa6

1st block: Send text to 81010 & text this message @c39gg9


2nd block: Send text to 81010 & text this message @ehbdf22

M. Boswell

7th Grade Science

8th Grade Science

1st Block: oisyqey

2nd Block: apivsx2

3rd Block: ldjv4ev

5th Block: v45yroy


7th Grade: Send text to 81010 & text this message @7gsnbhs


8th Grade: Send text to 81010 & text this message @8gsnbhs

C. Wallace

Algebraic Connections

Algebra 2 with Trig


1st Period: kwjr63m

2nd Period: cie5cgv

3rd Period: nj6lph6

4th Period: i6tjehk

6th Period: bwuon6k

7th Period: ue6o6tg


K Gunter


1st Period   ltp4ipj

2nd Period tt4umk7tt4umk7

3rd Period   l4smj4q

4th Period   a3vmddk

5th Period   dttnrma

6th Period   riey2qn

7th Period   k5kd6gs


C. McCollough

English 7

1st Block: quxi437

2nd Block: 6pjlhof

3rd Block: 4tylegc

4th Block: sv5kdr2

5th Block: o3vhifi



text @h44h7e to the number 81010


  1. Holland

English 8

English 10

     1st Block:         jzqs2r4

2nd Block:         wiwbngf

4th Block:        osa5ied

5th Block:        u7sl3e2


10th Grade:     gp3xytuu


8th Grade: Text @37e379k to 81010


10th Grade: Text @6f97hh to 81010


M. Miller

Algebra 1


Algebra 2

7th Keyboarding

1st: 66v3pjg

2nd: zvi5gqh

3rd:   3dspw4m

4th:   sae2ha4

5th:   cejdjag

6th: 7mkf4we      


E. Reynolds






R. Brown

U.S. History Part II







Environmental Science


Anatomy & Physiology

1st Period: 7tfrmut

2nd Period: hv7vhci

3rd Period: pboyrp6

4th Period: 44y2zqz

5th Period: horqp7s

6th Period: fdyfkr2

1st Period: suqtpqo

2nd Period: 7ywrjnu

3rd Period: dw7qzjc

4th Period: 4nybnm5

5th Period: tlhdqqd

7th Period: dcqxk7a









Environmental Science: Text @8af8g72 to 81010


Biology: Text @cchc7b to 81010


Anatomy & Physiology: Text @7ghg9k to 81010

Melissa Culbreth

Civics/Geography and World History

Civics 7.2                   ibnzlcj

World History 8.1     hqmwsqm

World History 8.3     mozapjo

World History 8.4     ptaccv


Civics 7.2                 @48eh978

World History 8.1     @dk7g8c

World History 8.3     @8874fb8

World History 8.4    @38fdh8



Carolyn Hocutt

Business Essential 9.3

Business Essential 9.2

Law & Society 9.1

2nd period 2rinf7v

3rd period umptlme

4th period amfdhqu







Class codes for 2020-2021



Teacher’s name


Google Classroom Code

Remind Code *MS only

Kris Clay/Sanders

Physical Education

7th grade- yxxi4e4

8th grade- 5mb6zki

9th grade- uov6w4g

athletic- evp6ozv



Margery Zimmerman





9th Biology

7th Math

1st Period: do7iw2i

2nd Block: okh5noq

3rd Block: 7kj6s23

5th Block: ke3gmmb

All my 7th grade math classes will be in one remind this year.

Text the message @9d7h83 to the number 81010.

Hawkins, Jonathan

9th Grade World History

10th Grade US History

1st Period:   m7avy7d

2nd Period: pwi36pb

3rd Period:   o2caikg

4th Period:   35gnbx7

5th Period: 45wbarl

6th Period: r7itvd6




Tillis, Dakota

7th Grade Reading/Typing

10th Grade US History

1st Period:   da7wjec

2nd Period: ku22uy7

4th Period:   5sl2nux

5th Period: s7lp7sh


1st:   8da87d

2nd: 6ekg4e

5th:   heb7ed





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