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Links and Remind Messages

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Make sure you sign up for Remind to keep up with classroom events. Use the code for your child's class and text to 81010.


Wordpress: Blogs and Websites
Association of Food Journalists
Association of Food Journalists

FCCLA Home Page

Alabama FCCLA Home Page

Livebinders Home Page

Health and Wellness
American Heart Association

The Elements of Journalism

Purdue OWL: Journalism Tips

Food Photography
James Beard Association

PDN Photo Annual

Objects of Desire Food Photography Contest

The Spruce Food Photography

Taste Food Photography Awards

What a Food Photographer Does

Podcasts for Food Photographers

The Food Seen Video

Twitter and Photography

Social Media Articles
At The Kitchn, a Small Social Team is Cooking up Big Ideas

Learn how to utilize social media to bring in readersto your food blog.

Curalate- A Social Media Platform

New Instagram Algorithm: 4 Ways to Improve Reach and Engagement

How does Instagram help its users reach their audience?

Alexa Analytics

How does Alexa increase social media traffic and boost business? Does it work? Explore the website and be prepared to discuss your findings.

How online 'influencers' are changing the inductry

The Impact of Social Media on the Food Industry and How We Eat

Career Interest Surveys
Minnesota State Career Wise Education

Wisconsin Career Interest Survey

O*Net Career Interest Survey

Career Clusters Interest Survey

McLean's YouTube Channel
Weebly Blog Intro Part 2

Weebly Blog Intro Part 1

Add Kulinarian to Your Blog

This video shows how to add Kulinarian to your blog.

FIM Assignments for October 12-13

This link goes over what to do while I am out October 12-13th, 2017.

FIM Google Docs Links
Setting Up Blogs

Use this link to set up your Weebly Education Blog pages.

SETTING up Blogs (If first link won't work)

Bizarre Foods South Korea

This worksheet accompanies the Bizarre Foods South Korea video.

Bizarre Foods Africa

This worksheet will accompany Bizarre Foods video on Africa. Approximately 45 minutes.

4 Big Issues Facing Food Service WS

8 Major Challenges Facing the Food and Beverage Industry

8 Marketing Trends You Need to Know About Right Now

Global Food Policy Report 2017 WS

Local Food Systems WS